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Considering a Real Estate Career?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Integrated Real Estate Services has taken a new path when it comes to traditional commission split programs. Our agents pay a $500 transaction fee. Period. No franchise fees, no "marketing" fees, no technology fees...simply $500 per transaction. What does this mean to your is an example of what the agent would "take home" under our plan and what the same agent would "take home" under a traditional plan.


The median sale price of a CNY home is approximately $155,000. We will assume a 3% commission (commissions are always negotiable).

Integrated Real Estate Services Plan: 155,000 x .03 = 4,650. Agent makes $4,150 dollars after paying $500 transaction fee.

Traditional Split Program for New Agents: 155,000 x .03 = 4,650. Subtract a 6% franchise fee ($279) leaving $4,371 to be split "traditionally". Most "traditional" brokers charge a 50/50 split which equals another $2,185.50 deduction. Agent makes $2,185.50 a difference of $1,964.50 less.

Extrapolate that over 5 transactions=$9,822.50

Extrapolate that over 10 transactions=$19,645.00

Make a call - Make more money - Same Work - Sounds Simple? It is that simple.

Call Todd Emmons, Lic. Real Estate Broker, 315.506.2007 for a confidential conversation about a new way.

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