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Do You Run A Real Estate Team?

Find out how NY's 100% commission brokerage offers the best team model platform!

Lets break it down. First, what is a 100% commission brokerage? Integrated Real Estate does not charge a commission split! We simply charge a $500 transaction fee, and that is it! No hidden fees, No monthly fees, No desk fees, No technology fees, No broker review fees! NOTHING!

So how does this help a team model? The team lead receives a $500 credit for every agent they bring on (INCLUDING THEMSELVES). They then receive 20% of every transaction fee the brokerage makes from the teams agents. This 20% is not for a month, or for a year, it is for the ENTIRE time the agent is affiliated with the team and the brokerage.

Is that it? NO! What if your team is a top performer turning out 10 transactions a month? Great News! You will NEVER get charged more than 4 Transactions/Month. This means your entire team caps after 4 transactions. UNHEARD OF CAPPING CONTRIBUTION!

Contact us today to find out more. With big names such as Zillow coming soon you and your team need to find a company as committed to your success as you are!! We are committed to providing the best services and pricing to our agents, and our clients!

Think you have seen a better model? Contact us today, we are committed to being the best, most forward thinking brokerage in the state! We want to hear from you!!

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