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How to make your offer stand out in a competitive market?

With the current market being at an all time high for sellers it can leave little confidence for buyers! Real Estate agents are more creative than ever in arranging their clients offer to become more enticing to sellers. Increasing Ernest money deposits, increasing cash at closing, and waiving home inspections is just a few ways agents are getting their clients offer accepted.

Agents with Integrated Real Estate enjoy a 100% commission structure. This is beneficial to not jus the agent, but the clients they represent. Our agents do not split their commissions with the brokerage, this effectively puts more money into their pocket at closing! What does this mean for the client? Your agent has more money and therefor more flexibility to help make your offer more enticing to sellers! The opportunity to charge sellers less commissions as the agent keeps 100% of what they earn is just one way to greatly increase a clients purchase offer by increasing the money the seller will receive at closing.

The flexibility our agents receive when working with our 100% commission model, avoiding the heavy commission splits charged by most companies greatly improves the value to

our clients!

Weather your buying or selling, make sure to find out what value you're getting from your real estate company!

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