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Come work with NY's 100% Commission brokerage!

No fuzzy math, no commission splits, no franchise fees! Come work with NY's 100% commission brokerage. Stop paying your broker your hard earned money. Here at Integrated Real Estate we do not take a percentage of your commissions. We don't charge desk fees, review fees, or technology fees. We truly are the 100% commission brokerage.

Other companies charging large commission splits argue that what you pay them in commission splits pays for training and technology. Wrong, Integrated Real Estate has some of the best training in the industry from state licensed instructors. We utilize easy to use CRM's and technology in conjunction with the local board. What does this mean? Well with other brokerages if you use their CRM's all the clients you enter stay with that brokerage. We are so confident that you will love working with us that if you ever decided to leave you can take your CRM and all of your customers with you, including your listings!

There are 1800 agents in the Syracuse market. Here at Integrated we give you the opportunity to set yourself apart! The question "What can you do differently than everyone else" has never been more true. With so much competition in the industry simply saying "I can help you find the home of your dreams" is not going to cut it! Here at Integrated you have the flexibility to build a strong effective brand!

Not yet licensed? No problem, we have licensed Instructors on staff that can help! We have industry leading sponsorship programs giving you the opportunity to get licensed, and we have a tuition reimbursement program! Contact us for more information and to get started!

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