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Picking a reliable and efficient mortgage lender is an important step to purchasing a new home. This is a strategic process where there is no straight forward and easy answer for every homebuyer. However how and when to buy has been on

everyone’s mind since the global pandemic started back in

November of 2019. Over a year later now we have seen

first-hand the volatile market trends that are product of

outside influences. Before you head on to see if a

mortgage might be the right thing to do for you make

sure you are keeping up with the market. That’s why has developed a live document article that is

updated weekly with the current mortgage rates on the

market and other significant variables that affect it.

If you are set on the 2021 mortgage train; these are a few tips to make sure that you are set up for success when finding a mortgage lender: 

1. Be knowledgeable about the different types of mortgage loans and some of the basic

terminology. To get a better understanding of what is the best mortgage for you, it’s

important to research reputable online sources and reach out to experts who could lend

a helping hand. The more information you’re exposed to, the better.

2. Research customer experience and reputations of the different lenders. This is

especially true for first-time buyers; they will need a lender that is willing to assist and

help with the mortgage loan process! 

3. A solid and impeccable reputation for a mortgage lender is important as well. Lenders

should be proud of a transparent record and a good reputation can solidify consumers’

trust in them. There are numerous organizations that are dedicated to receiving

complaints about lenders and to make sure lenders act according to regulation.

Author: Estefania Guzmán

Estefania Guzmán is a Human Resource and Marketing graduate from the

University of Puerto Rico, she is a part of the Outreach Team at She has

previously helped local businesses with their marketing endeavors.

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